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Amanda’s Law

Early in 2009 Amanda Hansen, a 16 year old living in West Seneca, New York, spent the night at her friend’s home. She slept in a bedroom which was in the basement. When she could not be roused the following morning she was taken to South Buffalo Mercy Hospital where she later passed away having been exposed to lethal levels of carbon monoxide.

Her parents, obviously broken hearted, lobbied intensively for legislation to require that every dwelling unit in the State of New York have a carbon monoxide detection system. In 2009, Governor David Patterson signed Amanda’s Law into effect. Following the issuance of emergency rules by the State Fire Prevention & Building Code Council at its
meeting on December 16, 2009, the new regulations were placed into effect as of February 22, 2010.

What Does Amanda’s Law Require?

Amanda’s Law requires that every dwelling unit in the State of New York, which has exposure to a carbon monoxide source, must have a carbon monoxide detection device installed. The law is applicable to all one or two family dwellings, apartments in multiple dwellings, and condominiums and cooperative apartments, if the dwelling unit has an attached garage or appliances, devices or systems that emit carbon monoxide.

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