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Dramatic advances in technology over the past two decades have changed the way Realtors conduct business. Just twenty years ago, multiple listing services were still printing books of listing data and hand held mobile computing devices were not yet commonplace. Market trends in the real estate industry resulted in larger and larger firms and the day of the small boutique brokerage enterprise seemed to be dying.

The most significant change however, came about just at the turn of the 21st century with the proliferation of real estate teams. Keller Williams and other market innovators promoted the concept of teaming real estate licensees so that the licensees could create brand identification and expertise in multiple disciplines that make real estate sales
profitable. The old model of hiring assistants became a costly option in the real estate recession which began in 2004. Realtors have always been creative and the team concept has been one which enabled brokers to form multi-person teams (a thirty person team is not unheard of) which have become significant in the marketplace.

Traditional brokerage firms have not received the “team concept” easily. Efforts to brand the team rather than the brokerage firm and the significant income that a team can generate, represent a significant threat to the way business was conducted in the

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