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The Realtor Code of Ethics Continues To Evolve

At the very heart of Realtor® membership is the contractual obligation of every Realtor® to abide by the Realtor® Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors®. Each year on January 1, the Realtor® Code of Ethics is republished by NAR to reflect changes necessitated by the changing dynamic in our industry.

Why Have a Code of Ethics?

Customarily, a Code of Ethics is intended as a guide to the persons who agree to be bound by the Code and to fulfill a specific mission reflecting values, principles and standards of conduct. A Code of Ethics also serves as an open disclosure to the public about the way an organization operates. It reflects the commitment of the persons governed by the Code to a set of ideals and ethical standards which hopefully guides each individual through the dilemmas of daily business life.

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