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The DOS: The Renewal or Revocation of a Real Estate Licensee’s License

The renewal process for a real estate licensee is usually a simple one. A licensee receives an email alert and is prompted to renew his or her license online. The licensee signs in, answers a few relatively straightforward questions and submits the credit card information in order to pay the renewal fee. However, if any false or incomplete answers are provided it will likely result in the eventual revocation of the agent’s license. Another scenario which could lead to a termination or revocation of a license is where the applicant has been convicted of a crime, is involved in a pending criminal proceeding or has had a separate license revoked by a different agency. While revocation in any form is certainly not welcome by anyone, it is especially devastating when a principal broker’s license is revoked, as this will automatically cause the license of every salesperson and associate broker associated with that principal broker to be suspended as well. This would have a devastating effect on hundreds, and in some instances, thousands, of agents.

Renewal Application: Simple Questions, or Are They?

There are three basic sets of questions asked during the renewal process.

One deals with whether or not the licensee has completed the 22.5 hours of continuing education (“CE”) (including 3 hours on fair housing and 1 hour of agency or 2 hours of agency if it is a first renewal by a salesperson) or whether the individual qualifies for an exemption. Unfortunately, many licensees fail to complete the CE requirements and falsely affirm, when renewing online, that they have completed all required CE. This is a very common reason for revocation. Licensees need to be aware that the Department of State Division of Licensing Services (“DOS”) randomly requests that proof of completion for the required CE be submitted. This has been a more frequent occurrence lately.

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